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Ponderosa Pups
Clayton Maggard or Sandy Barnett
Burnside, KY 42519
(606) 561-6146

(606) 875-6353




We are always happy to hear from you here at Ponderosa Pups. If you are interested in one of the doxie puppies on the site, we recommend that you call us. We are very friendly and welcome your calls. If you have general questions about our doxie puppies, please give us a call. We are located near Somerset, Kentucky.

It has been 3 years since Carolyn’s passing it has been a great challenge. We have continued to work and made great progress over the 3 years. We still greatly miss Carolyn, but we know she is in a much better place. She was a great person that is missed very much each day. Clayton with help from his niece and friends will continue on with Carolyn’s dream. All articles wrote on this website are from Carolyn. She had a true passion for the Dachshund breed. If you ever meet her you know she truly loved this kennel. If you never meet her I only hope that I can continue with what she has created here and you will know who she was when you leave. -Sandy-

We do have miniature dachshund puppies who are looking for a good home, so we would appreciate anyone who is interested to please give us a call at (606) 561-6146 or text Sandy (606) 875-6353. We would be happy to talk to you about our dachshunds.

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