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Making the “Reputable” in Reputable Breeder Stand for Something Great

We have received several emails and phone calls through the years from people that are exploring the idea of breeding Dachshunds. Not to mention the many people that have come and gone through our lives that gave breeding dachshunds a try. I am only adding this section to give you a few pointers on how to become a reputable dog breeder. I am not encouraging you to become a breeder. I would rather influence you, with proper Dachshund Breeders Information,  to become a good breeder if you are determined to do it. One that would give tribute to our profession and hobby. There are thousands of wonderful and amazing people that have a passion for breeding doxies in this world that society doesn’t notice. They tend to pay more attention to the few bad apples that have gotten new coverage for the horrible things they have done to the amazing animals that depended on them. Those people disgust me and what happened to their dogs just breaks my heart. Maybe if this section educates just one person to prevent that kind of thing from happening again.. it will all be worth it.
The AKC is devoted to educating people on the proper way to own and breed dogs long before I came along. You should check out their page on being a great breeder, too. There is a list of info and tips on breeding a great litter of puppies in a very ethical way.
Visit the AKC on how to be an ethical breeder.


Sharing Dachshund Breeders Information

We may never forget how hard it was for us to get started and the few people that truly took the time to help us, educate us, and sit through my daily phone calls with thousands of questions. God Bless them. They were so patient. Always willing to share dachshund breeders information with us.  So, we have always tried to follow their example. It can be hard sometimes, but we do try to be supportive of people just starting out. I hope this collection of articles explains things for them that I would have loved to hear when I was a beginner dog breeder.
It took us years and thousands of little things to get where we are today. There is not a specific book that just lays it all out to you in and easy to follow format. I know, I looked! lol Nope, all we can really do is give you some tips. It would take an encyclopedia to fully capture all the details you learn through the years. But, know this.. if you do it right, it’s worth it! I assure you that my puppies today are of a much higher quality than the puppies I produced when I first started breeding dachshunds. There is no shame in that. You must expect to make a few mistakes when you first learn anything. Just be honest and stand behind your customers and your puppies!


The Down-side to Breeding Dachshunds or Dogs in General

I must say, this is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It’s hard work. It’s dirty work. It’s very time consuming and can literally break your heart and your bank account. You WILL at some point be headed to the vet at midnight on Sunday night with one of your precious girls to get a c-section. It’s terrifying! I might add that they usually run you between $1,000-$1,200 for an emergency c-section. Heck, a normal c-section on a weekday generally runs $650 here in our area. Dachshunds are not famous for c-sections or anything, but they do happen fairly regularly. I only bring this up, because before you ever breed your dog, you need to be financially ready for things like that to happen. Then there is the cost of puppy food, wormer, shots, etc. Good dogs bought with breeding rights from a good breeder and the increasingly high costs of registrations are out of this world. So, you might ask yourself..why would anybody in their right mind do this at all?


The Rewards

Breeding great dachshunds, that produce even greater puppies, is an extremely rewarding accomplishment! And, don’t let anybody fool you.. it can be profitable at times. But, if you believe anything said in this article.. believe this.. you will not get rich breeding dachshunds! But, there are a lot of positives. There is a real thrill in the relationships that we form with the amazing people that have bought our dachshund puppies through the years. Yes, there are many emotional rewards to accomplishing anything, but when that thing you accomplish is soft, warm and gives you kisses.. it’s pretty amazing!


Be Honest with Yourself

There is also the matter of having the right lifestyle to be able to become a good dog breeder. To name a few important factors..time, a tough tummy, drive and ambition beyond compare and family support. You must have your entire family behind you if you are going to try breeding dachshund puppies. Not just the people that live in your house, but your closest friends, too. If your spouse just can’t stand dogs.. you really need to find a different hobby! There are entirely too many things to do for one person to tackle alone! Dog Breeding takes constant effort and an enormous amount of time. You should also know that breeding requires a lot of time at home. If you are the type of person that just loves to vacation and run around.. again, this might not be the hobby for you.


The Gap Between the Breeder and the Beginner.

Now that you understand how much time, effort and money go into a successful dachshund breeding program, you can understand why breeders work so hard to protect it. I do not recommend just dropping one of them an email with two sentences requiring a puppy to breed. You’ll almost always be ignored or even spoken to rudely. You have to know how to approach a good breeder if you are interested in one of their babies with full breeding rights. Explain yourself. Take some time to fully lay out to the breeder where you’re from, what your plans are as a breeder and why you think one of her puppies is the best choice for your breeding program. Be polite, and she may return the favor. Be honest! There is nothing worse than someone you’ve been talking to for days about a pet suddenly revealing the truth that they really wanted a dog for breeding. Breeders are very busy people. Just be honest and explain yourself from the beginning. You’ll go much farther than the guy that tried to be sneaky. You also need to understand that some bloodlines practically require a second mortgage to be able to bring into your breeding program. Don’t expect her to give up breeding rights on that type of bloodline easily. She always has the right to refuse. If she does, ask her if she could recommend someone. She obviously bought her dogs from someone that is willing to sell puppies with full breeding rights. But again, don’t expect it to be easy. Those types of breeders usually only respond to other long time breeders. Just follow the tips here and try until you find the “perfect” puppy. No matter what, you need to buy your breeding dogs from a reputable breeder. You won’t be sorry. You’ll benefit from all the hard work they have done selecting great dogs.


If you are reading this and desperately need help with something . . don’t hesitate to email. I will do my best to answer your questions, or send you to someone that can. However, I do ask that you take the time to read through this information first, just in case the answer is already here.


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