Dachshund History

Dachshund HistoryDachshund History

I’m so happy that you decided to stop by our Dachshund History section!  This is one of my favorite parts of the whole website.  Every bit of time you spend getting to know your dog will only make your relationship that much better. Learn why he digs holes in the back yard! Figure out why he loves to snuggle under the covers! It’s all right here in our Dachshund History section. No self respecting Dachshund Website would be complete without at least a small paragraph on Dachshund History. Hopefully, this will give you a more complete idea of what all was involved in creating one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world.


We invite you to spend some time with us and hope you enjoy the information we have gathered.  Here’s some of the coolest things we’ve learned about Dachshunds.

Dachshund Origin..Where we came from

Surviving Dachshund History… Weiner Dogs and Wars

The History of the Hair…Dachshund Coat Types

Royals and Dog Shows Make us Famous

The American Dachshund

Evolution..The Times, They are A Changing

I really hope you have enjoyed learning about our amazing breed.  It’s wonderful how Doxies have been so well documented throughout time.  We are so lucky to have so much information to share.  I hope you found something in here that you didn’t know before, but more than anything, I hope you found something to make your doxie even more special to you.



According to a new study, mans best friend originated in China.  The Yangtze River is reported to be the birthplace of the amazing revolution of wolves to the modern day dog we all so love and enjoy.  I found an article on History.com about the true origin if dogs.  Originally, we had believed that the history of the dog began in Europe, but that was before the data from the Yangtze area of China was brought into the equation.  This is a real big deal to the dog world.  A puzzle has been solved.  Now we know for sure where the modern day dog was born and bred.

You can keep a watch on the History channel for new articles and information about dog history.

If you love dachshund history like we do.. you will LOVE this photobucket.  It is FULL of some of the oldest and coolest photo’s I’ve come across.  Historical Dachshund Photos



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