Dachshund Origin

dachshund originAin’t Nothing But a Hound Dog…

(Dachs-badger, hund-dog) Depending on which source you read, there are a couple possibilities about dachshund origin. There are depictions of Dachshund Type dogs in ancient Egypt. But, for the most part our popular little Weiner Dog got it’s start in Germany. Although, don’t ask a German for a Dachshund. They’re called Teckles in Germany. We can be pretty sure that the Dachshund Dog was first created using hounds and terriers. Giving us a dog that is low to the ground, quick, and intelligent. Independent yet pack oriented. Dachshunds were first and foremost, bred to hunt. Their short legs allowed them to penetrate narrow passages while their solid muscular bodies gave them the strength needed to dig. They have a tenacity that gives them the will and stubbornness to take on the deadliest of foes. I’m sure you’ve heard that Dachshunds were bred to hunt Badger. Do you have any idea how ferocious a Badger is? I certainly wouldn’t want to tangle with one! They can weigh up to 30 pounds and run up to speeds of 20 miles an hour in a sprint. They live in burrows or tunnels underground. That’s where Dachshunds came in handy while hunting them. Dachshunds would tunnel underground and corner the Badger while their handlers would dig above ground to get to them. Once your Dachshund falls in love with you, he really will do anything to make you happy. In the 17th Century, Badger hunting became a very popular sport with Europeans. Probably lending to the popularity of the Dachshund in general. Of coarse, you may be looking at your little bitty doxie..wondering how in the world she would ever pull that off? Keep in mind that it was the large standard sized Dachshund that hunted Badger! Our miniature Dachshunds were still avid hunters in their own right. They hunted Rabbit, Fox, tracked wounded deer and other prey. Dachshunds are the only AKC recognized breed that hunts both above and below ground. Where this information comes in handy from a pet owners point of view is that while Dachshunds make incredible pets they are also very intelligent and funny to have in your home. They are prone to digging holes in the backyard. Especially if there is any trace of a mole or small furry creature. A Doxie will absolutely “kill” a squeaky toy with more enjoyment and speed than you thought possible! Dachshunds are so alive and full of wonder. They get the greatest joy and amusement out of the smallest things. And yet, the hound in them makes for an excellent snuggle buddy! I’m not sure if there is a dog in the world that loves to go to bed or have a nice couch nap more than a Doxie.

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