History of the Hair

History of dachshund coat types

History of Dachshund Coat Types. Smooth Hair, Wire Hair and Long Hair

You cannot study Miniature Dachshund History without touching on all the variety of our breed and where it came from. It’s no secret that Dachshunds come in more coat, color and pattern varieties than any other dog in the canine world. Ever wonder how they first created the coat types? For starters, Germane fanciers did not create the separate coat types just because they thought it would be “cute”. There were very specific reasons for each of the coat types. Mostly bred to use for different hunting activities.

Now, according to dachshund history the smooth coat doxie came first. Bred using terriers and small hounds. To perfectly create a small ground hound with a terriers speed, alertness and moxie. Short haired dachshunds were ideal for tunneling. They didn’t have excess hair that might tangle in underground roots. Which surely would have impeded their hunt or endangered their lives. These short haired doxies were also very easy to keep and maintain.

Not long after the success of the smooth coat Dachshund came the need for a long haired type. This was accomplished by breeding smooth coat dachshunds to small type long haired spaniels to produce a Long Haired Dachshund that would stand up to cold weather and cold water during hunting seasons. As a result of this breeding we were left with a slightly calmer, more elegant dog. Long Haired Dachshunds have been an extremely popular house pet for many years. Early Dachshund Breeders really made their mark on Long Haired Dachshund History. Napoleon Bona part owned and loved a long haired doxie. In an early painting of the emperor as a young man, his dappled long hair Grenouille stands beside him.

Next came the Wire Haired Dachshund! They are said to be a cross between a Smooth Coat and another small terrier. They have a scruffy, wirey or rough coat. This was recreating the basics of the breed with similar elements of their original ancestors. Wire hair Dachshunds had more protection in brambles than their smooth hair brothers. The terrier cross surely gave them a tougher hunting temperament, too. The Wire Hair Dachshund was and still is the most popular with German Foresters and Sportsmen. Wire Hair Dachshund History says they were the last to be created and the slowest to come to fancy in the show ring. It is said that once you own a wire doxie, you will always own a wire doxie. But I feel the same way about my smooth and long coat dogs, too!

Where Did All Those Colors and Patterns Come From?

There is an entire section of this website dedicated to explaining the large variety of dachshund colors and patterns for you. Just click on the link and follow the instructions. There is a separate page for each color and pattern with a simple description and lots of pictures!




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