Royals and Dog Shows

Royals and Dog Shows Change Everything!

The Birth and History of the Dog Show

In my opinion, you cannot study Dachshund History unless you talk about Royals and Dog Shows. Mostly because in order to fully understand history of doxies, we must explore the paths they took along the way. Dog shows played a huge role in the creation and popularity of most dog breeds. The first formal Dog Show was held in England. It was called Town Hall at Newcastle-on-Tyne and took place on June 28th and 29th, 1859. There were only two types of dogs shown that day. Setters and Pointers. It was a major success!

Royal Influence on Dog Shows and Dachshund History

Almost immediately, Queen Victoria’s interest in dog shows made owning and dog breeding a major status symbol. Lucky for us, she also had a love of Dachshunds. She had a male that she named “Boy”. There is even a statue of him at Windsor Castle today. Boy will forever be a major landmark in the history of dachshunds. The Prince of Wales, who would later become King Edward VII, also had a love of the breed, too. He was given a couple smooth coats for a gift once. He played a major role in introducing English Sportsman to the Dachshund. He enjoyed hunting Pheasant with his Doxies. The Royal attention to our breed led to the world’s first Dachshund Club. It was established in England in 1881. Anyway, for the average dog breeder, Dog Shows allowed an unheard of opportunity. Just imagine getting the attention of the Court with your beautiful dog at a public venue. Not to mention the envy of your peers. Let’s face it, Dog Breeding and Showing is no small feet. It’s hard, dirty and sometimes heart breaking work. Their pride and their serious devotion to their breed was never more evident that at a dog show. Finally, an arena to show off your best work. It was twenty years after the first dog show, 1879 to be exact, when a Dachshund entered his first dog show! While I can find very little information about him, I believe his name was Feldman. In 1923 a Long Haired Dachshund had an impressive win at Crufts in England. This brought attention to the regal soft long hair that would soon make it one of the most popular at show and at home. Changing the dachshund history for longhaired dachshunds in a major way! It would be way up in the 1940′s before the Wirehaired Dachshund would make their presence known in American Dog Shows. Even though they were first recognized in 1890 as the third variety of Dachshund Dogs and remain very popular in Germany.


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